Order Instructions

St. Louis may now order!!

Prairie Vegan Pies is not a brick & mortar shop, but an online shop for those local to or visiting St. Louis. Orders require 48 hours notice. Items will be for contactless scheduled pick up, or delivery within 3 miles of my kitchen in South City for a $5 fee. Pick up hours are Mon-Fri 11am-6pm, Sat 10am-3pm and Sun 10am-2pm. If you’d like to pick up outside these hours send me an email to discuss, prairieveganpies@gmail.com.

Have a special occasion coming up? I am able to make custom pies with decorations such as flowers or text! Custom pies start at $35 and can only be arranged by e-mail, prairieveganpies@gmail.com. Only pies made from pastry crust with a flat surface can be customized, such as fruit pies or the French Silk. Want to place a large order? Such as 6+ Full Size pies or several pastry items? Once again please e-mail to check my schedule and pricing estimates.

For now on my menu I'm only offering Full Size Pies and items in half or full batch (like donuts, brownies, cookies, etc.). Once I start to receive more regular orders I will offer preorder sales for a certain pick up date. Where you may then order small size pies and individual items that can only be made in batches (while everything I bake is small-batch made, these items cannot be made on an individual basis). So spread the word; tell your friends!

Prairie Vegan strives to eliminate food waste from this business, so I appreciate your understanding that I'm not able to sell donuts, brownies and other small items on an individual basis at this time as I do not have a store front for walk-up business.

No Refunds

Ordering Policy

There are no refunds. Once you place your order I will begin the prepping process and bake your items the day you pick up so they are fresh. Please only place an order if you are sure. If you have any questions shoot me an email before you order, prairieveganpies@gmail.com

Please pick up your orders on time to avoid customers picking up at the same time. If there is another customer there just wait until they have gone so that we may all keep our distance safely. You will be able to schedule your pick up time, so make sure to choose a time that is convenient for you during open hours. Opening hours: Sunday 10-2, M-F: 11-6, Saturday 10-3. I'm experimenting with my hours, so these are subject to change if I find these are not convenient for most people or me.


Do you ship?
Absolutely not. I do not have the type of food license that allows me to ship. Besides the cost of packaging/shipping pie is astronomical to only have a busted pie show up at your door. And no one wants that!

Where can I get your pies and other bakes?
In St. Louis! My kitchen is located in South City but is not a brick & mortar bakery. If I'm open website ordering will be available. All orders require 48 hours notice. Soon I hope to offer preorder sales where you may order a smaller number of items. And once it's safe to gather I will do Pop-Ups at St. Louis area businesses!

What do you make that's vegan?
EVERYTHING! As my name states, this is a vegan business. I also offer select items gluten free and you can find those items on my menu when it's posted here on this site.

Do you make cakes?
Not at this time. I’m a self taught baker and I don’t have a lot of experience with cake or decorating. There are several bakers in the St. Louis area that offer vegan cakes and cupcakes! I hope to practice baking cakes more, but my passion is pies and pastries.

What are the prices?
Small Size 6" sweet pies are $12 and Full Size 9" sweet pies are $28 (with a few exceptions and will be stated as so). Veggie Pot Pies are $14 and some specialty small size pies are $15. Gluten Free pies are Full Size only and $28. Not all pies can be made gluten free and it will be stated which can in the menu. The prices of all other items I offer will be stated on the menu when it's posted.

Once I secure my wholesale suppliers in St. Louis these prices may change. As these prices are based on ingredients from my suppliers in Minneapolis.

What is your menu?
My menu changes and will be posted on this site when I'm taking orders. Flavors are seasonal and based on what fresh ingredients I am able to acquire at that time.

Can I place a custom order?
See something on my socials but don't see it on my menu? Want a custom made pie for a special occasion? If my schedule allows it may be something I can offer. Send me an e-mail to discuss! prairieveganpies@gmail.com

How do I store my pies?
Pies are best within 5 days refrigerated and eaten fresh, but can be frozen up to a month. Fruit pies can sit on the counter if eaten within 2 days. If freezing items it is best to place them in an air tight container. Note from a customer if you don't have a freezer safe container: "tightly wrap pie (while still in box if it's decorated) in plastic wrap and then foil before putting the freezer. Then either thaw in fridge or remove plastic and loosely cover with foil in the oven and remove foil for the last 10 minutes of baking."

Donuts are best kept at room temperature in a cool dry place (out of sunlight) wrapped in foil. To extend past 1-2 days wrap individually in foil (don't use plastic) and place in the fridge up to 5 days max. I have never frozen donuts as it's best you eat them fresh, but if you wish to freeze them it's best to wrap individually in foil. Once completely frozen you can remove the foil and put in an airtight container to keep them 3-5 months.

How do I reheat the pies?
All Baked pies can be reheated with the exception of the Pop Tart Pie as reheating will melt the icing. If you freeze pies with no-bake filling or with whipped cream they should be thawed in the fridge or at room temperature. All other pies can be warmed in the oven at 350 degrees; if frozen heat at 400. Reheat times vary; just check on it starting with 15 minutes. For the veggie pie loosely cover the crust with foil until thoroughly warmed and then remove it for 5-10 minutes while still in the oven. Do NOT put foil pie pans in the microwave. Pies can be gently removed from pie pans and placed on a plate to microwave.

What are the allergens?
Only the top 8 allergens are listed in the product description. If you are worried about other allergens please e-mail. Wheat, soy, and nuts are used in my kitchen. I do my best to avoid cross contamination, but cannot guarantee products are free of these allergens.

These products are homemade and not subject to state inspection.